ProChannel Concrete Limiter

ProChannel Concrete Limiter

Tame rogue peaks and get punchier mixes with the ProChannel Concrete Limiter. Designed exclusively for SONAR Producer’s ProChannel!


Pack a punch. Control clips. Amp up the ambience.

Note: This product does not run standalone.You must already own a version of SONAR with the ProChannel Modular channel strip.

The Concrete Limiter ProChannel module removes the limits from limiting.It deftly manages limiting over a wide dynamic range, while maintaining the sonic integrity of anythingpassing through it. Whether you want a punchy lift or aggressive squashing, there’s a very good reasonthe Concrete Limiter has become one of the most oft-used ProChannel modules.

Pack a punch
Limiting has a very different character compared to compression—it not only adds power, but by taming peaks,lets a signal hit a higher average level for loud, punchy sounds that really stand out in a track.What's more, it’s easy to get the sound you want: just dial it in with the Threshold control. And, the ConcreteLimiter’s exclusive Bass Lift technology can process bass frequencies independently to overcome the “thinness”of conventional limiting.

Control clips
Because a limiter works on peaks, it’s the simplest way possible to make sure your audio doesn’t clip asubsequent stage. Whether on individual tracks or your master bus, set the Ceiling control for the desiredoutput level and relax—it won’t clip. Thanks to oversampling and 1.5 ms of “look-ahead,” the Concrete Limiterhandles whatever you throw at it with ease.

Amp up the ambience
Limiters control peaks without affecting dynamics below those peaks, so they’re great formaking low-level sounds seem louder by comparison. Slap the Concrete Limiter on drums, and bring up theroom ambience to add realism. Emphasize the humanity and nuances of vocals. Bring up an acousticguitar’s sustain…the Concrete Limiter does all this, and much more.

Total control
Tweak your sound with a simple, effective set of controls.

Threshold: Sets the level above which limiting takes place
Auto: Chooses automatic or manual release control
Release: Edits release time in manual mode
Ceiling: Determines the maximum output level
Bass: Turns on Bass Lift technology for independent bass processing that provides superior kick and bass sounds
Input meter: Shows the incoming, pre-limited signal level
GR meter: Displays the amount of peak reduction
Output meter: Shows the post-processing signal level